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Barium Stearate

Pubdate:2008/03/09 INDUSTRIES Metallic Stearate PLASTIC PRODUCTS AND SERVICES views:754

Konson®  Barium Stearate for PVC heat stabilizer

Chemical Name: Barium stearate
CAS No.: 6865-35-6
Molecular Fomula:C36H70BaO4
Molecular weight: 704.27

Description: Barium stearate  is white fine powder,  insoluble in water. When mixed with hot, strong mineral acids, they decomposed into stearic acid and corresponding barium salts. This series product has good thermo stability and processing performance,reasonable formulation.It has excellent internal and external Iubricating balance;do not need any more Iubricant.It 15 especially suitable for pressure pipes,has wide compatibility to the different feed rate and different quality padding.

 Specification : 

Barium Content %20.0 ± 0.7
Free Acid  (stearic acid)    %  ≤0.5
Loss on Drying (moisture) %  ≤0.5
Melt Point  °C  ≥210
Fitneness (through 75um)    %   ≥99.5


Used as machine high temperature resistant lubricants, rubber products of high temperature resistant additives, PVC plastic light heat stabilizer.the thermal stability of PVC products agent.a waterproofing agent, lubricant and bearing lining.high-temperature resistant powder for rubber products. It can be Used as PVC stabilizer and lubricant. In all of the alkaline earth metal stearate, it has  the best heat-resistance. It is mainly used for transparent film, sheet, artificial leather and soft plate, pipe, etc. It also can be used as high- temperature stripping agent and mechanical with high-temperature lubricant.heat stabilizer of vinyl chloride copolymer.It has good long-term heat resistance and lubricity, stable effect than calcium stearate, but less than lead stearate.


Keep it in airtight containers and dry, cool and dark place. Damp-proof, far from fire and no contact with corrosive matter.


Net 20kg, polyethylene bag .Net 15kg, paper bag on pallet