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Sodium Stearate

Pubdate:2008/03/09 INDUSTRIES Metallic Stearate PLASTIC PRODUCTS AND SERVICES views:885

Konson®  Sodium Stearate for PVC heat stabilizer

Production name: sodium stearate
molecular weight: 306.46
molecular formula: C17H35COONa

white powder, slightly soluble in water and ethanol, in strong acid decomposed into stearic acid sodium salt and response, good emulsification, infiltration and detergency

Specification : 

Appearance:White powder
Sodium content,%6.5-8
Free fatty acid,%1max
Fineness(thr. 0.075mm screen)95

rigid PVC heat stabilizer.
detergent is used to control the rinse bubble, in the process of decontamination detergent.
emulsifier and separating agent used in polymer emulsion oxidation, etc.
corrosion inhibitors used in polyethylene packaging film has the protection performance, etc.
cosmetics, shaving gel, transparent glue, toothpaste manufacture and so on.
leather industry of emulsifier, soft agent.


Keep it in airtight containers and dry, cool and dark place. Damp-proof, far from fire and no contact with corrosive matter.

 Packaging :

Net 20kg, paper or polyethylene bag

Net 15kg, paper bag on pallets