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  • Rubber accelerator MTT
    Rubber accelerator MTT 2018/03/10

    Konson® Rubber Accelerator MTTChemical Name  :3-Methylthiazolidine-2-Thione Molecular Formula  C4H7NS2...

  • Rubber accelerator TBBS
    Rubber accelerator TBBS 2012/03/15

    Konson® Rubber Accelerator TBBS Chemical Name  N-tert-butyl-2-benzothiazole Sulfenamide Molecular Formula   C11H14N2S...

  • Rubber accelerator MBTS
    Rubber accelerator MBTS 2012/03/13

    Konson® Rubber Accelerator MBTS Chemical Name    2, 2-Dibenzothiazole Disulfide (MBTS)  ...

  • Rubber Accelerator TMTD
    Rubber Accelerator TMTD 2012/03/11

    Konson® Rubber Accelerator TMTD Chemical Name Tetramethyl Thiuram Disulfide Molecular Formula  C6...

Jiangsu Konson Chemical Co.,Ltd is subsidiary of Konson Group . The group’s precursor , Lianyungang organic chemical factory . Mainly produce pharmaceuticals and intermediates as research and development purpose for famous universities all over the country . After restructuring in 1998 , The first generation ,Mr Sun Yonghao has been appointed as President of the enterprise . Who led company to innovate & reform the economic management system and develop diversification strategies .

Under President Mr Sun Yonghao,Konson Group has grown into a high-tech joint stock enterprises through acquisition & building new factory in Jiangsu , Shandong, Henan,Hebei,Guangdong Province .Group is inheriting traditional advantages, insisting multi-brand operation and pluralistic development strategy. We purse being outstanding all the time.Group’s business covers rubber、plastic 、 pharmaceutical 、food etc industry .

With coming of the second generation in 2010 ,It has poured new vigor into the modem company, CEO Sun qiang insist to place talent first and train high-caliber staff as company’s development reserve forces . Through continuous investment in research and development ,Konson Chemical has been to be one of the biggest metallic stearate and rubber chemical supplier in North of China. Which is devoted to provide processing additive for global rubber and plastic industry.

Konson Chemical continuously expands and ensures its leadership position in rubber and plastic industry through innovation and dynamic adaption to the emerging challenges with an eye on the future and a competent grasp on the present.