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  • Dibenzylamine
    Dibenzylamine 2020/05/23

    Dibenzylamine(DBA) Chemical NameN,N-DIBENZYLAMINE;N-(Phenylmethyl)-benzenemethanamine,Dibenzylamine Molecular Formula...

  • Benzylamine
    Benzylamine 2020/01/12

    Benzylamine  Chemical Name N-BENZYLAMINE Molecular Formula   C7H9N Molecular Weight  107.15 CAS No.: 100-46-9 Specifi...

  • Rubber accelerator MTT
    Rubber accelerator MTT 2018/03/10

    Konson® Rubber Accelerator MTTChemical Name  :3-Methylthiazolidine-2-Thione Molecular Formula  C4H7NS2...

  • Hydroquinone
    Hydroquinone 2016/04/09

     Hydroquinone (HQ) Chemical Name  1,4-Benzenediol  Molecular Formula   C6H6O2...

  • Rubber accelerator MTT

    Rubber accelerator MTT


    Konson® Rubber Accelerator MTTChemical Name  :3-Methylthiazolidine-2-Thione Molecular Formula  C4H7NS2 Molecular Weight  133.23508 CAS No.  1908-87-8 Specifications&nb...

  • Predispersed masterbatch

    Predispersed masterbatch


    New development trend of Polymer-bound Predispersed Masterbatch Pre-dispersion masterbatch of rubber chemicals has been proposed in the 1940s. Industrial production began in the 1980s, and mass pro...

  • Rubber accelerator TBBS

    Rubber accelerator TBBS


    Konson® Rubber Accelerator TBBS Chemical Name  N-tert-butyl-2-benzothiazole Sulfenamide Molecular Formula   C11H14N2S2 Molecular Weight  238 CAS#   95-31-8 Specifications   GB/T 21840-2008 Appearan...

  • Rubber accelerator MBTS

    Rubber accelerator MBTS


    Konson® Rubber Accelerator MBTS Chemical Name    2, 2-Dibenzothiazole Disulfide (MBTS)  Molecular Formula  C14H8N2S4 Molecular Weight  332.5 C...

  • Rubber Accelerator TMTD

    Rubber Accelerator TMTD


    Konson® Rubber Accelerator TMTD Chemical Name Tetramethyl Thiuram Disulfide Molecular Formula  C6H12N2S4 Molecular Weight  240.41 CAS No.  137-26-8 Specifica...

  • Rubber Accelerator DPTT

    Rubber Accelerator DPTT


    Konson® Rubber Accelerator DPTT Chemical Name:  Dipentamethylene thiuram tetrasulfide Molecular Formula C12H20N2Sn+2(n=4 or 6) Molecular Weight  385-448.77 CAS No.  120-54-7 Specifications  Q/KS1...

  • Rubber accelerator CBS

    Rubber accelerator CBS


    Konson® Rubber Accelerator CBS Chemical Name   N-cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazole Sulfenamide Molecular Formula  C13H16N2S2 Molecular Weight  264.4 CAS No.  95-33-0 Specifications  HG/T 2096-2006 Item  S...

  • Rubber accelerator MBT

    Rubber accelerator MBT


    Konson® Rubber Accelerator MBT Chemical Name  2-Mercaptobenzothiazole Molecular Formula  C7H5NS2 Molecular Weight  167.26 CAS No. 149-30-4 Specification...

  • Rubber accelerator ZMBT

    Rubber accelerator ZMBT


    Konson® Rubber Accelerator ZMBT Chemical Name  Zinc 2-mercaptobenzothiazole Molecular Formula  C14H8N2S4Zn Molecular Weight  398 CAS#  155-04-4 Specific...

  • Rubber accelerator ZDEC

    Rubber accelerator ZDEC


    Konson® Rubber Accelerator ZDEC Chemical Name  Zinc Diethyl Dithiocarbamate Molecular Formula  C10H20N2S4Zn Molecular Weight  362 CAS No.  14324-55...

  • Rubber accelerator ZBEC

    Rubber accelerator ZBEC


    Konson® Rubber Accelerator ZBEC Chemical Name  Zinc dibenzyl dithiocarbamate Molecular Formula  C30H28S4ZnN2 Molecular Weight   610 CAS# 14726-36-4 Specifications  Q/KS032-2003  Item  Specification...

  • Rubber accelerator DPG

    Rubber accelerator DPG


    Chemical Name Dephenyl Guanidine (D)  Molecular Formula  C13H13N3 Molecular Weight   211 CAS No. 102-06-7 Specifications HG/T 2342-2010  Item Speci...