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Rubber Accelerator TMTD

Pubdate:2012/03/11 INDUSTRIES PRODUCTS AND SERVICES RUBBER Rubber Chemical views:611

Konson® Rubber Accelerator TMTD

Chemical Name Tetramethyl Thiuram Disulfide

Molecular Formula  C6H12N2S4

Molecular Weight  240.41

CAS No.  137-26-8

Specifications  Q/KES018-2007

1st grade
AppearanceWhite or light yellow powder
Initial Melting Point               (℃)Min.140
Heat Loss                     (%)Max.0.3
Ash                               (%)Max.0.3
Residue on 150μm Sieve   (%)Max.0.1

 Properties  Density :1.31~1.34g/cm3 ,Soluble in benzene, acetone, chloroform, a little soluble in alcohol, insoluble in water.

Applications  Suitable for natural and synthetic rubber and latex, being a good secondary accelerator of kinds of thiazole, it is used with other accelerators to the continuous vulcanization. TMTD is regulated for use in articles in contact with food as specified under FDA 21 CFR177.2600, 175.105 and under BgVV XXI, Categories 1-4 and “Sonderkategorie”.

Storage  Store closed containers in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Packing  25kg net paper bags lined with polyethylene film bags.