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Predispersed masterbatch

Pubdate:2017/02/01 Predispersed rubber chemical Masterbatch RUBBER views:976

New development trend of Polymer-bound Predispersed Masterbatch

Pre-dispersion masterbatch of rubber chemicals has been proposed in the 1940s. Industrial production began in the 1980s, and mass production began in the mid-1990s.

It was only slowly recognized by everyone after 2003. At that time, there were only a few domestic foreign factories in China. Until 2008, domestic factories began to be launched and gradually increased.

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Why is the Pre-dispersion masterbatch of rubber chemicals a development trend?

Rubber chemicals are chemicals that bring higher added value to rubber products and reduce costs. However, the traditional rubber chemicals not only generate a large amount of dust and toxic and harmful gases during use, but also cause great harm to the environment and the health of the operator, and have poor compatibility with rubber, and are difficult to disperse evenly which affects the use effect.

What is the definition of Pre-dispersion masterbatch of rubber chemicals?

Pre-dispersion of rubber chemicals, also known as rubber chemicals masterbatch. The predispersed rubber chemicals masterbatch are polymers (usually EPDM, SBR, NBR, EVA) as carriers by adding rubber chemicals and softeners, and the traditional rubber chemicals are pre-dispersed into the polymer through special processes to obtain a certain concentration uniform predispersion (extrusion granulation).

Pre-dispersed rubber chemicals are upgraded and replaced  traditional rubber chemicals. They are dust-free, easy to disperse, suitable for automatic weighing and automatic continuous low-temperature mixing, improve mixing efficiency. and have good storage stability. It is widely used in rubber products.