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Magnesium Stearate

Pubdate:2008/03/09 INDUSTRIES Metallic Stearate PLASTIC PRODUCTS AND SERVICES views:727

Konson®  Magnesium Stearate for PVC heat stabilizer

Product name: Magnesium stearate

Molecular formula:Mg[CH3(CH2)16COO]2
Magnesium stearate is a kind of tiny, light and white powder with greasy touch sense, insoluble in water, ethanol neither ethoxyethane, but soluble in hot water, hot ethanol, decomposes into stearic acid and magnesium salts when contacting with acid.


Appearance(tiny, light and white powder)
Mg content, %4.0%~5.0%
Loss on Drying≤0.5%
Free acid≤1.0%
Melting point110°C
Particle size325 99% (≥99% through 325 mesh)
Bulk density0.1~0.35g/ml

Magnesium stearate is widely adopted in food, medicine, paint, plastic, rubber and textile fields and mainly function as emulsifier, releasing agent, lubricant, stabilizer, or accelerant etc. Also it can be used as stabilizer and lubricant in PVC or ABS resin etc.


Place it in dry,against high temperature and sunshine,avoid stacking excessively or over weight,once unseal,the remain should be kept to avoid wet and dirty.


Net 20kg, polyethylene bag .Net 15kg, paper bag on pallet.