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Accelerator R-80 Masterbatch

Pubdate:2019/05/06 Predispersed rubber chemical Masterbatch views:341

Konson® Accelerator R-80

Product description

Composition 80% Resorcinol, 20% SBR binder and dispersing agents

Appearance off-white to red-brown granules

Density,20  oC Approx. ~ 1.20 g / cm3  (20 oC)

Mooney Viscosity  ML 50 oC 50

Physiological properties :  See safety data sheet (MSDS)

Raw material characteristics of  Resorcinol:

Melting point 109~111 oC

Evaporation loss ≤ 0.3 %

Resorcino content ≥ 99%

Sieve residue 63µm ≤ 0.5 %

Ash content ≤ 0.3 %

Flash point 127 oC

Use Characteristics Konson® R-80 is a component of the bonding system resorcinol/ formaldehyde/ silica. In conjunction with a formaldehyde donor (e.g. Konson®HEXA-80 or Konson®HMMM-65) the resorcinol- formaldehyde- resin, responsible for the bonding of rubber to textile and steel cords, is formed during the curing process. This system is suitable for bonding all types of rubber to reinforcing materials, e.g. fabrics, glass fabrics and metals (e.g. steel-cords).

Processing Advantages The predispersion of Resorcinol in a SBR binder allows quick absorption and excellent
dispersion in the rubber. In this way, optimal activity of Resorcinol is assured.

Dosage levels     3 – 4 phr

Applications       Tires, conveyor belts, V-belts, round belts, fire hoses, other reinforcedhoses, flexible containers, fabric proofings .

Packing Net 25 kg cartons with plastic inner.

Storage stability Keep cool (below 25℃) and dry in original package.24 months from production date.

Handling Consult material safety data sheet (MSDS) for additional handling informatio