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Succeed to develop new model and non-toxic PVC heat stabilziers

Pubdate:2016/07/19 NEWS views:469

Dibenzoylmethane (DBM) and Stearoyl Benzoyl Methane (SBM)


New Eco-friendly material of β-diketone is used mainly as auxiliary materials of Ca/Zn Heat Stabilizer in PVC indurstry , be good at inhibiting the initial colouring , no zinc burning .

In order to meet the market demands . Konson succeed to develop new model and non-toxic PVC heat stabilziers throgh 3 years of efforts. Expected capacity is DBM83 1500MT ,SBM 600MT .

DBM-83 is the most used β-diketone. SBM55 isused as heat stabilizer of PVC stabilizers CA/ZN、BA/ZN, can prevent “zinc burning”, solves PVC pre-coloring and improve weatherability, has the features of excellent color protection effect. SBM50 is food grade β-diketone product Which can contact with food , medicine, only PVC material approved by US FDA.