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Brief Analysis of main Production Process of Chinese rubber accelerator MBT(2019)

Pubdate:2019/01/02 NEWS views:804

1.Main condensation route of rubber accelerator MBT

The synthetic route of the rubber accelerator MBT includes the condensation reaction and the refining of MBT.The refining of MBT is currently mainly the acid-base method and the solvent method, and the condensation reaction is currently mainly carried out by reacting aniline, carbon disulfide and sulfur under high temperature and high pressure to obtain .

The high-pressure synthesis method using aniline as raw material has two production forms, namely aniline method and nitrobenzene method. At present, domestic enterprises still mainly adopt aniline synthesis method .At present, the intrinsic quality of the aniline product is better than that of the nitrobenzene method. Due to the intermittent production, the material mixing is poor, and the yield is low, and the aniline is about 85%.

2.Main refining route of rubber accelerator MBT.

At present, the high-pressure synthesis of aniline and the acid-base refining accelerator MBT are adopted in China. The exhaust gas under the production process has been basically treated by oxidation of the Claus furnace; the comprehensive utilization of the waste slag has also been basically realized, But the wastewater treatment is difficult and the treatment cost is relatively high.

The use of the organic solvent method to extract the refining accelerator MBT instead of the acid-base refining process has become one of the more effective industrial methods for effectively solving the “three wastes” of the accelerator production process. At present, most domestic enterprises are moving closer to the solvent production process.


As Konson knows, the difference in the quality of the acid-base method MBT and the solvent method MBT produced under the domestic mainstream aniline synthesis process is mainly reflected in the content of the resin. The acid-base method MBT contains about 10% of the resin, while the solvent The amount of the resin contained in the method is about 30%-40%, which is significantly higher than the acid-base method MBT. This is also the main reason why the acid-base method MBT price is high under the current process conditions and environmental protection pressure, and some acid-base method enterprises still exist. Although the current domestic and foreign enterprises have continuously researched and developed the solvent method MBT process, there is no solvent method MBT which can be industrially produced, which is comparable to the acidity of the acid-base method.