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Eco-friendly accelerator TBzTD

Pubdate:2020/01/06 NEWS views:724

Accelerator TBzTD ,as one of the representative products of environmental accelerators, is an ideal substitute for thiuram accelerators. Although it has only been developed since 2001, it has quickly been recognized and applied in domestic and foreign markets.This product was developed to replace Thiuram-type accelerators such as TMTD, The main reason is that Thiuram-type accelerators is easy to produce nitrosamine, And accelerator TBzTD has been developed as a safe secondary amine-based accelerator. The literature states that N-nitroso-dibenzylamine does not cause cancer. Accelerator TBzTD complies with the requirements of the German “TRGS 552” for toxic substances technical rules on nitrosamine toxicity and does not release carcinogenic nitrosamine compounds during the vulcanization process.Thiuram-type accelerators belong to an important category among accelerators. In 2018, The replacement products of Thiuram-type accelerators TMTD (TT), TMTM (TS), TETD, etc. have exceeded 50,000 tons, But because accelerator TMTD has long been confirmed that it will produce nitrosamines when vulcanized in abroad. Therefore, In 2001, The accelerator TBzTD (tetrabenzyl thiuram disulfide) was developed by the former United States Uniroyal Company to replace TMTD, TMTM, TETD and other Thiuram products, Because accelerator TBzTD has large molecular weight、high melting point and not easy to decompose. Although a small amount of dibenzylnitrosamine will be produced during vulcanization, It is a non-carcinogen that is neither volatile nor soluble in water due to its large molecular weight. At the same time, Accelerator TBzTD are non-polar and does not produce frost for rubber vulcanization .

Accelerator TBzTD originated in foreign markets. Early manufacturers included Japan’s Ouchi Shinko Chemical, SanShin Chemical, American Flexsys, Akron Chemical, German Lanxess Chemical, After 2007, the products have been continuously optimized by several production plants in China, Such as Willing chem, Konson chemical, Lianlian Chemical,Uhoo Chemical,And they can already be used instead of similar foreign products.

Accelerator TBzTD is light yellow powder .tasteless and slightly bitter. Soluble in acetone, ethanol, insoluble in benzene, gasoline and water.It is an acidic super-speed vulcanization accelerator. The vulcanization speed is lower than TMTD. Other physical properties are almost the same as TMTD. It has become a new product of Thiuram vulcanization accelerator with great development potential. For more product specification . Please refer to Konson accelerator TBzTD .

Accelerator TBzTD can be used in Tire 、Non-tire automobile rubber products、Rubber shoe material .This product is mostly used in NR, SBR, EPDM, NBR systems. It can be used as a rapid primary accelerator or secondary accelerator. It is a valuable auxiliary accelerator in EPDM and more safer and longer anti-scorch time than TMTD with no frost spray、 no pollution and no discoloration.It can be combined with DETU during CR vulcanization and used as vulcanization delaying agent. In the mercaptan modified chloroprene using ETU vulcanization, Accelerator TBzTD can be used as an anti-scorching agent, which does not affect the vulcanization speed.It has better processing safety and longer scorch time than TMTD. It can be used as the primary accelerator or secondary accelerator for the rapid vulcanization of NBR and SBR. Sometimes it is also used as a vulcanization inhibitor for PVC rubber.When used in the manufacture of food-contact articles, it is necessary to refer to category 4 regulations in BgVV XXI. There are no regulations in FDA contact with food.