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N,N-Dibenzylamine is officially on sale

Pubdate:2020/05/21 NEWS views:308

Because of the expansion of production capacity of N,N-Dibenzylamine(DBA)Cas 103-49-1 . N,N-Dibenzylamine is officially on sale now . The maximum sales volume is 100 tons monthly except for self-use.Our plant adopts traditional production technology and the product yield is greatly improved. The group’s own sewage treatment system controls treatment costs and maintains a clean and environmentally friendly sanitary environment.

Chemical Name N,N-DIBENZYLAMINE(DBA);N-(Phenylmethyl)-benzenemethanamine,Dibenzylamine
Molecular Formula C14H15N
Molecular Weight 197.28
CAS No.: 103-49-1
Specifications Q/KS092-2015
Items Specifications
Appearance Colorless oily liquid
Assay (%) Min. 99
Boiling Point ℃ 300
Heat Loss (%)Max. 0.2
Imine (%)Max 0.5
Toluene (ppm)Max 50

Properties colorless oily liquid with amnine odor. Easily soluble in ethanol , insoluble in water. Density:1.026g/mL at 25℃(lit.).MP:-26℃(lit.) ,Flash Point:138℃,PH:10.6,Solubiity in Water:0.05 g/L(20℃)

Applications Dibenzylamine is an important intermediate in organic synthesis. It can be used to synthesize penicillin and curing agents for curing rubber and plastics. It is mainly used to produce highly efficient and non-toxic vulcanization accelerators, tetrabenzyl thiuram disulfide
(TBZTD) and dibenzyl Zinc dithiocarbamate (ZBEC)

Storage Store in a tightly closed container. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances.

Packing 200kg/Drum