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The first half of 2019 the rubber chemicals market summary

Pubdate:2019/07/23 NEWS views:490

With the arrival of the hot July, the rubber chemicals market has entered the traditional off-season market. In the first half of 2019, in terms of the supply of rubber chemicals, the overall supply was sufficient except for individual products. In terms of the price of rubber chemicals, the accelerators were mainly in a steady downward trend, and the antioxidants as a whole has gone out of the trend of falling first, then rising and then adjusting back.

1. Rubber chemicals supply

From January to March, due to the influence of the Spring Festival, the production capacity failed to start. From the end of March to April. affected by the XIANGSHUI explosion lead to Some manufacturers have limited production capacity. Since the end of April, the production capacity of various manufacturers has been gradually started. The supply of accelerators is sufficient, and the supply of antioxidants has begun to ease since May.

2. Rubber chemicals price

1) Since April, under the leadership of the accelerator MBT(M), the main accelerators MBTS(DM)CBS(CZ)TBBS(NS) also began to enter a slow decline trend, with profit margins being Gradually compressed, it will be in the bottom consolidation stage in the near future.

2)Antioxidants have a slight decline in different degrees from January to March, but after entering April, they were affected by the shortage of major suppliers of IPPD(4010NA)6PPD(4020) and TMQ(RD), and prices began to rise. Since June, the price of antioxidant TMQ(RD) has started to fall, other antioxidants have stabilized prices, and individual prices have been slightly lowered.

3.Rubber chemicals trend forecast

Trends in the second half of the year: the supply of rubber chemicals will be sufficient firstly then tight , and the price will fall first and then rise. From July to September, China is in the hot season, and foreign countries are also in the holiday. The downstream various types of rubber products industry are under-employed. The overall demand for rubber chemicals is not high.If the production capacity of various manufacturer is not affected, it will drive a small correction in the prices of various rubber chemicals., both domestic and foreign markets are in the off-season market. It is predicted that around the beginning of October, with the downstream demand of rubber chemicals and other factors, the market will pick up. At that time, the market will slowly pick up and the price of rubber chemicals will increase accordingly.