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How to use zinc stearate lubricant for cold pressing

Pubdate:2018/03/14 NEWS views:855

How to use zinc stearate lubricant for cold pressing!

Zinc stearate is a fine white powder, soft and odorless bulky powder having extremely small particle size. It is a compound of long chain fatty acids with zinc attached to it. It has brilliant lubricating property and water repellence .So it has many industrial uses. It could be used in production of rubber, cosmetics, powders for decreasing friction among substances.

Zinc stereate is basically produced by precipitate and fusion processes. In the precipitate process, Zinc stereate is prepared using sodium stereate and zinc sulfate which it uses stearic acid and zinc oxide in a fusion process. The basic difference between the ZnSt2 produced by the two processes lies in the melting points of the two products. It is about 122 degree Celsius using the precipitate process and slightly lower than that using the fusion process. In cold pressing lubricants( like Zinc stereate) are required to withstand high pressure in order to avoid metal to metal contact between tools and extruded materials.