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Chinese recent rubber accelerator price trendy (March 2018)

Pubdate:2018/03/14 NEWS views:958

Chinese recent rubber accelerator price trendy (March 2018)

The price fluctuation of rubber accelerator MBT is continuous after Chinese New Year . But the price of other rubber accelerator such as MBTS、CBS、NOBS、TBBS is stable . How moving will the price for rubber chemical in future ?

In past 2017 , All rubber accelerators price is almost going up due to various kind of factors (Anti-pollution campaign、 cutting off limited production 、rising price of raw material ). especially for rubber accelerator MBT . is up 70% rising . Other rubber chemicals is also rising followed with MBT .

From the beginning of January ,2018 . MBT price is reducing because of recovery production in Shandong 、Hebei etc main producing area . Market supplying has been huge increased . But after Chinese New Year . Lack of operating rate from many manufacturers and major material aniline price rising lead to MBT price going up again .

Future price trendy:

1. Production capacity would be increased .And operating rate would be picked up slowly and slowly. But the supply will not be sufficient by the environmental protection impact .

2. The requirement of rubber chemical is increasing .

The price of rubber chemical MBTS、CBS、NOBS、TBBS would be stable before the end of May .