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rubber accelerator price report (Mar 15 2019)

Pubdate:2019/03/25 NEWS views:633

The basic raw materials market such as pure benzene is basically stable. The raw materials such as aniline, acetone, MIBK, sulfur and carbon disulfide in the rubber chemicals are kept at a low level. The overall market demand is not strong. The overall environment will not change, and the raw materials will continue to be in a low level.

The price of rubber accelerator has been maintained for some time during the Chinese Spring Festival. At present, it continues to enter the downward channel. The production of the manufacturers is basically stable, the supply is sufficient, and the overall profit margin of the rubber accelerator is compressed, but it is still relatively rich. With the arrival of the peak season in April and May, The rate of decline may decrease or stop falling.

The prie of rubber antioxidant is in a down-going state in past 2018, and the profit level remains relatively low. In March , due to the suspension of maintenance and maintenance of “Sennics” , and the suspension of production by some domestic antioxidant TMQ (RD) manufacturers, the overall supply of rubber antioxidant is tight, and the price rebounds. The rebound will be affected depending on the specific demand situation in Aprial and May , there is still a certain upward momentum in the short term.

The insoluble sulfur has been released from last year, and the supply is relatively stable. The price has decreased. The supply capacity in the later market will be further released. The price will remain stable and the fluctuation will be limited.

The theoretical cost and market price of the main rubber chemicals, related trends and producer profitability are as follows:

Rubber accelerator CBS :

Rubber accelerator TBBS :

Rubber accelerator MBT :

Rubber accelerator MBTS :

Rubber antioxidant 4020(6PPD):

Rubber antioxidant 4010NA(IPPD):

Rubber antioxidant TMQ(RD) :

Insoluble sulfur OT20 (IS-OT20):